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6 Reasons why we love volunteering with Pride Cymru
Charity 08.07.19

6 Reasons why we love volunteering with Pride Cymru

As a volunteer-led charity, Pride Cymru wouldn’t exist without its hard-working, dedicated and above all, enthusiastic volunteers. Our volunteers have seen us through two decades of growth in an ever-changing landscape of LGBT+ rights. From the first Cardiff Mardi Gras back in 1999 to this year’s Big Weekend, they have been an invaluable cog in the Pride Cymru machine.

But what makes volunteering so exciting and how can it benefit you? Below are some of our teams’ favourite aspects of their roles:

1) Getting to take a stand for LGBT+ rights together with others
Volunteering with Pride Cymru helps you connect to the community, be it as an LGBT+ member or an ally. It can strengthen your understanding of LGBT+ history, help you understand the inequalities they may face and directly connect with other volunteers. Volunteers can proudly represent Pride Cymru at events and fairs, giving them the chance to outwardly show their support for the charity and the wider LGBT+ community.

2)  It allows you to explore a world of opportunities
Volunteering is not prescriptive; our volunteers can explore areas they are interested in working in and find roles that fit their interests. The opportunities for volunteers at Pride Cymru are vast and varied. Whether you want to steward at events, help anyone with accessibility needs, support acts during events or take a behind-the-scenes role, supporting the marketing team, there is a role for everyone, fitting all personalities, ages and abilities.

3) You get to hone a unique set of skills
While volunteering with us is a lot of fun, it’s also a great way to gain some valuable work experience. Due to the varied opportunities, volunteers have the opportunity to show off and hone their existing skills, and it’s definitely one to add to the CV!

4) The incredible sense of community
Volunteering is extremely sociable. Every year, we see our volunteers meet people from all backgrounds and circumstances working together to maintain the work of Pride Cymru. We value diversity in our volunteers and like to emphasise the culture that exists in Wales to ensure that Pride Cymru is as diverse a charity as possible. Our volunteer coordinators are also always on the lookout for some socials where volunteers can mingle.

5) A chance to help people
As a volunteer, you get a chance of helping others, which can make you feel like you’re really making a change for someone and give them the opportunity to fully enjoy themselves at Pride Cymru’s events. We are very proud of our Gold Star accreditation from Attitude is Everything, which recognises the work we have done to make Pride Cymru’s Big Weekend as inclusive and accessible for all and could not have achieved this without our incredible Access Volunteers dedicating their time to ensure anyone can attend if they choose to.

6) Having a whole lot of fun
Finally, the obvious one: volunteering is simply fun. Our volunteers are on the frontline of all our big Pride Cymru events, meaning not only do they get to help with campaigns and stewarding, they also get to be a part of the celebrations. Volunteering for Pride Cymru’s Big Weekend does not stop you from soaking in the lively atmosphere! Quite the opposite! You’ll be at the heart of everything, whilst knowing that you play a big part in ensuring everyone enjoys their time at Pride Cymru’s Big Weekend and their other events.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to volunteer with us, we can guarantee that you’ll meet loads of new people, gain some great experience and have a lot of fun! If this sounds like something for you, you can register as a volunteer at here and find out more. We’d love to have you!