Channel View Leisure Centre

In the late 1980s, this leisure centre was hired for what was billed as “women’s dances”. Legend has it that one of these included a stripper dressed as Marilyn Monroe! 

“They always played Gloria Gaynor at the end of the night”.

“I knew exactly what the dances were when they booked them in, but they were a bit coy, called them women’s dances. I understood, because it was hard for them to find places that would accept them in the late 80s and lesbians in particular were not that ‘out’. They were held in the ‘general activities room’. I got to know Annie and Zoe, who I think ran them, quite well. The dances were very ‘arty’, some of them were very good dancers. The story about the stripper is true, I wasn’t there that night but I remember my staff telling me all about it” (Mike, manager).