Horse & Groom

Listed by Gay News in the 1970s, the Horse and Groom was one of Cardiff’s oldest pubs, dating back to the 18th Century, when Womanby Street lead to a riverside quay. It is now part of the Bootlegger.

The Horse and Groom’s history dates back to when the river Taff flowed along what is now Westgate Street, and Womanby Street led down to the city’s harbour. Famous in recent years for its live music venues the street’s nefarious history includes, among other incidents, a deadly gun and sword fight between rival boat crews in 1759! Things had settled down a bit by 1975 when the Horse and Groom was mentioned in the listings of Gay News. It was, by then, one of Cardiff’s oldest (and smallest) pubs. As of February 2021, it is part of music venue and bar The Bootlegger.