Radcliff’s / Square Club

In the 1980s and early 90s, unassuming doorway was once the portal to Radcliff’s and Square Club, a bar and music venue described by the South Wales Echo as a women’s alternative to the more “macho” Tunnel.

Radcliff’s and its adjoining Square Club was a nightclub and music venue that attracted an alternative crowd of revellers and music lovers. The South Wales Echo’s 1985 article on the Cardiff lesbian and gay scene described it as a women’s alternative to the overtly macho Tunnel Club, though it was also “small and sweaty”. The Manic Street Preachers played their first gig there in 1988.

There was a club that I remember as being near the central train station, mainly women. Long and narrow. Westgate Street, yes, that fits. The end near the train station.”

“Radcliffes or Flagstones on Westgate Street was a good place. Drank in there with the great George Melly (jazz singer), our very own Harri Webb and Russell Grant.”