The Cockney Pride / Philharmonic

This pub (better known as the Philharmonic) was listed in the International Guild Guide, a directory of worldwide gay and lesbian friendly venues, from 1968-1976.

The Philharmonic Hotel, as it was originally known, took its name from the neighbouring Philharmonic Hall. That stretch of St Mary Street, which included the Prince of Wales theatre, is now the hub of Cardiff’s nightlife, and in the 1970s was home to a number of gay and gay-friendly pubs and bars such as the Blue Anchor and Sirs. From 1968-1976 the Philharmonic’s bar, then known as The Cockney Pride, was listed in the International Guild Guide’s worldwide directory of gay and lesbian friendly venues.

“Rose the pianist would play any song you requested as long as you bought her a drink. All the songs sounded the same but no one cared.”