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Icons & Allies

Icons & Allies

Making Our Own World

A Pride Cymru project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

As part of our contribution to LGBT History Month 2017, Pride Cymru is creating an exhibition of Welsh LGBT+ “Icons & Allies”. The poster exhibition will celebrate 20 different people who have shaped our political and social world, both here in Wales and across the UK, to make it a space that LGBT+ people can be ourselves in. It will be available for loan to schools, colleges and other public spaces to celebrate future LGBT History Months and other occasions.

As part of this we are inviting everyone in Wales and of Welsh heritage to help us find our Icons and Allies. They should be a historical figure (i.e. no longer active in fighting for our rights) but they don’t have to be already famous. They might be someone who contributed to gay law reform; someone in the arts; an inspirational writer or teacher; an organiser. Who do we look up to and why? Who has shaped our perceptions of what it is to be LGBT+?

Nominations are now closed and the advisory panel has considered the long-list of 31 nominations below and come to a decision on the final 20. All will be revealed very soon!

  1. Leo Abse (1917-2008) politician
  2. Binkie Beaumont (1908-1973) stage impresario
  3. Eleanor Butler (1739-1829) and Sarah Ponsonby (1755-1832) the ‘Ladies of Llangollen’
  4. Micky Burn (1912-2010) commando & writer
  5. Bruce Chatwin (1940-1989) travel writer
  6. Dafydd ap Gwilym (c1320-c1370) poet
  7. John Davies (1938-2015) historian
  8. St David (c.500-589) saint
  9. Hugh Despenser (1286-1326) aristocrat and lover of Edward II
  10. Dai Donovan (alive) miner, liaison with Lesbians & Gays Support The Miners
  11. John Gibson (?-1866) sculptor
  12. Iltydd Harrington (1931-2015) politician
  13. Terrence Higgins (1945-1982) namesake of Terrence Higgins Trust, UK’s largest HIV charity
  14. Gloria Jenkins (1937-alive) Co-founder of Stonewall Cymru
  15. Gwen John (1876-1939) painter
  16. Mary Charlotte Lloyd (?-1896) painter and sculptor.
  17. Angus McBean (1904-1990) photographer
  18. Jan Morris (1926-) writer
  19. Ivor Novello (1893-1951) playwright and songwriter
  20. Tommy Nutter (1943-1992) fashion designer
  21. Wena Parry (alive) Evangelical preacher
  22. Katherine Philips (1632-1664) poet
  23. John Randell (1918-?) surgeon
  24. Goronwy Rees (1909 – 1979) scholar and member of the Wolfenden Report Committee
  25. Sarah Ann Rees (1839-1916) sailor, writer and poet
  26. Viscountess Rhondda (1883-1958) suffragette, businesswoman and publisher
  27. Kate Roberts (1891-1985) Welsh language publisher and writer
  28. Victor Spinetti (1929-2012) actor
  29. Dorothy Squires (1915-1998) singer
  30. Griffth Vaughan Williams (1940-?) gay activist
  31. Emlyn Williams (1905-1987) playwright and actor

(Some of the question marks are only because we’ve not finished doing our research on all 31, but you’re welcome to tell us any answers we don’t know yet)