Sirs opened in the early 1970s, above what was then the Matisse Bar. The club was men only at first, and its members were given a key to let themselves in!

Situated above what is now Le Monde, Sirs was at first a men-only venue whose members were given keys to let themselves in. The Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 changed its door policy, though female customers were still only allowed to buy half pints of beer. It was described in a November 1976 issue of Gay News as “small, semi-elegant and a bit square”.

“Knock for entry and think of a male name to ask for inside. Fantastic light dance floor.”

“Sirs was a key club. I’ve given mine to the Cardiff history museum in the old library.”

“I still have my key for Sirs. I think I was the only woman to be issued with one.”

“Without doubt Sirs was a great place, as many had keys and you could get access safely without queuing.”

“Up the vast amount of stairs then knock and enter!”