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“The Strength of our Unity”— Jeremy Miles
Festival 08.08.18

“The Strength of our Unity”— Jeremy Miles

As we kick-start Pride Cymru’s Big Weekend, Jeremy Miles AM tells us why Pride is still so important and talks about the exciting advances being made to support the LGBT+ people of Wales. 

Pride Cymru is a chance for LGBT+ people and our allies to get together, have fun, celebrate progress and be ourselves. It is also the time we renew our fight for equality, here in Wales.

This is why the theme of this year’s Pride #ProudToBeMe is so important. Because being ourselves gives others the courage to do the same. It is this courage that achieves remarkable things and gives us cause to be optimistic.

Just weeks ago, the Welsh Government announced that LGBT+ inclusive Relationships and Sexuality Education will be mandatory in schools under the new curriculum. This is something we have fought for together. It will now become a reality.

We are making change happen in healthcare too. The Health Secretary Vaughan Gething has committed a three-year all-Wales trial, making anti-HIV drug PrEP available to all who would benefit.

The campaign to end discrimination in blood donation has led to a reduction in the deferral period from twelve to three months for gay and bi men.

And a new Gender Identity Service for Wales is being shaped and will, in time, improve the healthcare available to trans people in Wales.

All this progress has been achieved by people working together. It has been powered by those people who have said openly and unashamedly, ‘I am proud to be me. This is who I am and this is my experience.”

So while our work against hate crime and anti-trans abuse goes on, and while we seek to make every school a safe, supportive environment free from bullying, we know that we can make Wales a better place for LGBT+ people.

Through the strength of our unity and our diversity, we will reach ever closer to full equality, for everyone.

Jeremy Miles AM,

Assembly Member for Neath and Welsh Government Counsel General

As a passionate and informed supporter of Pride Cymru, Jeremy will feature as part of the discussion panel for Queer Question Time which takes place this evening at the National Museum in Cardiff.