Tunnel Club

Previously known as Monroe’s, the Tunnel opened in the mid-1980s with some degree of secrecy! Described in the Echo as “the most macho of (Cardiff’s) gay nightspots”, it was instrumental in bringing house music to Cardiff’s gay scene.

Formerly known as Munroe’s the Tunnel opened in 1984, quickly becoming the city’s first major gay club. In its subterranean surroundings the gay men of Cardiff and South Wales danced the night away to a soundtrack of Hi-NRG, and were entertained by drag artists, including a pre-mainstream-success Lily Savage. And there were other famous names who graced the Tunnel their presence, including, on one occasion, Carry On and Eastenders star and national treasure Barbara Windsor. In a 1985 South Wales Echo article about Cardiff’s burgeoning scene, the Tunnel was described as “the most macho of the capital’s gay nightspots”. It closed in the 1990s and was replaced by Metros.

“I went to the Tunnel in 1985. I’d left my hometown of Bridgend for college in London a year earlier and was visiting my parents. I remember the DJ played Midnight Radio by Taffy several times, which felt appropriate!” – Paul Burston